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Cerentec™ is an experienced provider of low-cost web hosting. Due to our sophisticated network and innovative solutions we have earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Our services focus primarily on individuals and small organisations.

Features such as our award winning control panel, high quality servers
and fast connection speeds allow us to offer the best web hosting account available today.

  Key Features
  • Unlimited Web Space & Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Online Control Panel
  • Full support for Microsoft FrontPage
  • Full support for PHP, Perl & C
  • mySQL Database Server
  • Real-Time Website Statistics
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Secure Encrypted Transactions
  • Description
    Ideal for hosting your web presence, Cerentec offers you all the features you need in order to get online. Cerentec's online control panel includes free CGI scripts to create forums, discussion boards and guestbooks.

    New Feature!

    Host 5 domains/forwarding addresses for only £99 per year!

    Cerentec offers single web accounts for £40 per year as well as 5 web accounts for the greatly reduced price of £99 per year. All our accounts are free of charge for the first six months.

    The service is ideal for small organisations, people who want to communicate ideas or individuals who wish to host an effective content site. It contains many features normally found only in more expensive accounts.


    Unlimited Web Space & Transfer
    There is no limit on the amount of disk space on our Internet servers that your account may consume. There is also no limit to the amount of traffic that your site can have. Unlimited means unlimited.

    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Receive email sent to any address at your domain name. Mail to any address can be sent either to a POP3 mailbox on our server or forwarded to an existing email address elsewhere.

    Online Control Panel
    Manage all aspects of your account via an easy to use online control panel, configure email options, register and set up sub-domain names, install cgi scripts, administer databases, view statistics and more.

    Full Support for Microsoft FrontPage
    FrontPage extensions are installed on our web servers. This allows you to take advantage of the dynamic features and publication wizard in Microsoft's web page authoring software.

    Full Support for PHP, Perl & C
    CGI scripts are small programs that run on the server to add interactivity to your site, your account is equipped with its own CGI directory, allowing you to install and develop your own CGI scripts. We support the three most popular CGI scripting languages, Perl and C, as well as PHP.

    MySQL Database Server
    MySQL is a powerful database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data. Data from your database can be accessed via any of the supported scripting languages.

    Real-Time Web Site Statistics
    View real-time usage statistics for your web site, see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more. Access to the raw server log files is also available if you wish to conduct your own analysis.

    Password Protected Directories
    Restrict access to certain areas of your web site, configure as many usernames and passwords as required. Applications include sites where membership is required to view certain content or the creation of an extranet.

    Secure Encrypted Transactions
    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology enables secure transactions on your website. SSL is an ideal basis for collecting credit card details. This feature can be added to your site by a simple click of a button. See here for further information about this feature.


    Unlimited Multi Recipient Lists
    A multi recipient list enables a single email message to be delivered to multiple recipients. Email lists are ideal for distributing newsletter, exchange ideas with colleagues or keep in touch with friends. An unlimited number of multi recipient lists can be created on your account.

    Server Side Includes
    Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your web pages. Automatically insert dates and file information as well as calling external programs such as hit counters.

    Search Engine Submission
    Submit your site to the world's major search engines with one click, enabling people to find you on the Internet.

    Unlimited FTP Access
    Round the clock unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages.

    Instant Account Activation
    Place your order online and your account will be set up the very same day. You can begin to use your account as soon as the DNS configurations are implemented.

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