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Cerentec is committed to long term customer satisfaction. This means keeping a pace with current developments within the industry. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our service and welcome any suggestions from our clients.

Server Specifications

Cerentec's UNIX machines are predominantly FreeBSD based with Sun Solaris being used in some particularly high load situations.
Storage is spread across multiple Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives using Adaptec RAID controllers. All installations include a web server derived from the popular Apache web server in conjunction with the powerful mySQL database and qmail mail server.

Data Centre
Our equipment is located in a shared data centre in London, UK, providing our servers with the optimum operational conditions.
Located in London's Docklands, Telehouse is the UK's leading neutral co-location facility and is home to Europe's main Internet hubs. With all major Internet backbones on site, bandwidth can be provided independently of teleco fibre and the associated costs. Connectivity to our server racks is presented on two diversely routed gigabit fibres from our carriers in Telehouse North offering 2000Mbit of redundant Internet bandwidth to our equipment. Visit Telehouse for more information.

Internet Connection
Located in the proximity of one of the world's busiest Internet hubs, our servers have direct access to the highest capacity broadband IP network in Europe. Bandwidth to our server racks is presented on two gigabit fibers from independent routers yielding a network with no single point of failure.
Each server has multiple hot swappable power supply units. In the event of a failure of the incoming power supply, both battery and propane generator backup systems ensure the security of your site.

Network Monitoring
Each server has two identical hard disk drives; should the primary drive fail, the secondary unit can take over the work load with no loss of availability. To prevent accidental data loss we backup all data each night; backup tapes are stored off the premises.
Server and network performance is constantly monitored by our proprietary software, alerting technicians to potential faults before they occur. We constantly monitor backbone performance, sending IP traffic down the shortest path using a Cisco BGP4 protocol.

The above factors combine to produce one of the best performing and most reliable web hosting services available on the market today.



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